The Story of the Oogaloogaman

By Josh Mulholland This is the story of the Oogaloogaman. I heard it from Roger, who heard it from Shaun, who knows it’s true. If I tell it to you, you have to believe it, because if you… Read More

Where is the Enchilada of Death?

by Jen Burke Anderson Stomach flu. Days of lying on your back at the mercy of mutant molecules coiling viciously up your brain tubes, of your neurons unlinking and firing randomly into the air like Cossacks at a… Read More

With Virgil

By Josh Mulholland Behind the polyglas the sky was orange over the city.  The white towers were tall and thin, with minaret tops.  Just like the snow asparagus FourMother cloned in the agrovat, Lewis thought.  Funny he’d never… Read More