The Great Farm Painter

August 29, 2014

California author Tantra Bensko returns to The Fabulist with this surrealist, briskly hallucinogenic vignette, showcasing her vivid prose and loopy, dreamlike plot constructions. (Image source: The Tucson Daily Photo.)

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August 21, 2014

Two boys sat on a log in the middle of a valley. The trees surrounding them blocked out the sunlight and the boys had trouble seeing their hands in front of their faces. A woman appeared from a cluster of trees.

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Sidewalk Devolution, by Sarah Bisceglie,


August 14, 2014

A tall woman and a small man walked down the street one late morning in a town in New Hampshire. They looked confused and weathered and people stared at them as they passed by. She picked up a coin on the street and held it up in the light to examine the year. He grabbed […]

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The Changeling (A Shakespearean Prequel)

August 3, 2014

“She never had so sweet a changeling,” says Puck of the Indian prince either stolen or adopted by the fairy queen Titania. The status of the child is the root of her dispute with Oberon, and the fallout is memorably recorded in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”   But who, exactly, is this mysterious young […]

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Cologne Cathedral


July 18, 2014

New Orleans author Amelie Daigle returns to The Fabulist with “Cities,” a disturbingly beautiful set of visions of a life interrupted. Collage and image manipulation by Fabulist house artist Adam Myers.

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July 11, 2014

In those days, angels descended from the heavens to teach the various crafts known in paradise, and I came sideways from the know-not-where to teach the art of desire.

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