Miyazaki museum show, Starfleet on Mars, new ‘Dune’ TV serial, ‘Swamp Thing’ canceled, Mothra theme song and more

This week in Flotsam & Jetsam, our weekly overview of pop-cultural driftwood and sea-glass we trawled up from the Internet, its a giant heaping net full of comics, TV and sci-fi, from Dune to Star Trek, from Magneto… Read More

Godzilla, Bugs Bunny, anti-fascism: We read the Internet so you don’t have to

Popular Mechanics, unable to suspend its disbelief, provides an awesome illo and a few paragraphs of pure science that handily disprove the possibility of anything as huge as Godzilla ever walking the Earth. Intellectual Takeout mag argues that… Read More

Because that Game of Thrones tapestry didn’t just embroider itself

That 70-meter-long Game of Thrones tapestry didn’t just embroider itself.

In fact a crew of 30 women in Belfast took to the task, producing an 11th-century style, hand-stitched cloth that represents 77 hours of video storytelling.

NASA’s media archive is now open to the public

NASA has opened its entire media library to the public, for free. This includes photos, audio recordings and videos, with subjects ranging from earthbound crew, gear and launch operations, to concept designs, scientific observations and cosmic spectacle at the interplanetary and interstellar scale.

Godzilla: The monster is the metaphor (no rly)

With “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” now stomping across big screens everywhere, The Atlantic has stepped up with a fine cinematic history of the magnificent kaiju that also includes a thoroughgoing look at the magnificent monster’s massive metaphorical muscle.

Gelflings, Skeksis and muppet exotica return in ‘Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ (trailer)

Ambitiously gorgeous, unprecedented in its sophisticated use live-action puppetry, the original Dark Crystal was pure science-fiction exotica. The forthcoming Netflix prequel is a return to form