Art: Paleolithic steppe bison, Cave of Altamira, Spain. It was only when the third sun rose and the heat became unbearable that she stopped. As the ritual of sun set began, she crawled from under the grasses and… Read More

The Girl and the Stone (dream/life 1)

By Peg Alford Pursell (In this first installment of a triptych of very short tales, Peg Alford Pursell explores how memory and dreams transform everyday reality. Her work is muted but luminous, full of open-eyed marvel and a… Read More

The Skin Shop

By Rosanne Griffeth This morning, there is no skin. No callous, no glove, no covering, just pink, flayed tissue with no granulation and white tendons barely holding everything together. I am a study in vivisection. My obicularis oris… Read More

Stop, Before it’s too Late

By Tantra Bensko Don’t open that note! The pages are folded over for a reason. Crackling of the adventurine-colored curtains gone moldy, and brittle, over the last century signals trouble all around you now you have started to… Read More

Tales of the Natural

By Tantra Bensko Sage, the courier said, once burned, will remove all evidence that I existed, and have left this package here. Burn it now, or the old woman across the street will know. You know how long… Read More

New Existence

She pervades all things. 1918 was the best of all creatures. You fear possible negative public feeling against them, and you cannot now retain my attention. Besides learned men from his meditation days, by asking of the north,… Read More