Chimera: Three Self-Portraits

Images by David Goldberg [Proofreader’s Note: What is the self but a fantastical amalgamation of ideas, inclinations and elements that nonetheless function, generally, as a complete whole? In a similar vein, Goldberg’s self-portraits are improbable juxtapositions of animal,… Read More

The Breath Between Wonder & Dread: Seven Photographs

All images (c) Peter Schwartz [These photographs leave one with a sense of having just turned the corner onto a vista in which, moments earlier, something extraordinary happened. What displacement of mass caused the water’s rippling, rainbow sheen?… Read More

The Fabulist Print ‘Zine Preview

The Fabulist now exists in print! And graced with a gorgeous illustration by Andrew Goldfarb, a detail of which you can see here. You can also download a PDF of The Fabulist Print ‘Zine Preview. You can get… Read More