Craig Latchaw



Ever wonder what it's like to have bi-polar depression in one of United States' most depressing cities? Well now you can, Craig Latchaw Jr. AKA. ZombieTurtleComics gives you a window into his every day to day, with his autobiographical comics done in a couple different cartooning styles. See him as a floating head trying to figure out how to deal with getting older, a slight addiction to beer and making important life choices, like quitting a real job to focus on cartooning. See him as a failed super hero who never seems to accomplish his life goals as his bad decisions ruin his already crappy life(very loosely based on reality), or just see him as he sees himself making sense of the weirdness around him, as he deals with OCD, IBS and a bothersome roommate! These amusing yet sad comics lamely come to life before your very eyes, with every poorly drawn line and half-assed scenery! Oh, and Craig is Co-Creator of an unnamed underground alternative Zine, and co-host of a ridiculous YouTube channel called Spare Time!

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