Carla Myers


With an undergraduate degree in sculpture and a J.D., Carla Myers followed the most logical path to becoming a writer. This year she retained a significant number of body parts, but not as many as she had hoped. She is the winner of the flash-fiction writing contest at The Gateway Review, Columbia Journal Evolve Special Issue and a finalist for the 2018 Nancy D. Hargrove Editors' Prize for Fiction and Poetry. Her work has been published in The Jabberwock Review, Patheos, Muse/A Journal, Streetlight Voices: Short Fiction & Memoir (text and audio), Convivium, Ethel, Sonic Boom, Panoplyzine and The Finger. She was selected for The Sonder Review’s The Best Small Fictions Anthology 2019. She is the winner of the 47th New Millennium Writing Awards (2018) for Flash Fiction.

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