A Dream Library: The Art of David Slebodnick


Youngstown, Ohio-based artist David Slebodnick pulls pages out of children’s books from dream libraries. When encountering these works one has the distinct sensation of needing to be holding a bound volume of them, accompanied by verse or some fabulous narrative to mark the borders between the wakeful day and sleep.

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Iron-Giant-Illustration The-Birdman-of-Alcatraz-Black-Velvet-Painting ea047d12847949.5626e17ebb921 c6111512042803.56256792ab102Black-Demon-and-Laser-Man a020cb12208471.56258d1da1df8 King-of-the-North-GOT-IllustrationIm-Deputizing-Black-Velvet-Painting1 Waterdeer Spirit-1-Black-Velvet-Painting

Artist statement:

“I have been actively pursuing a creative career since I could remember. I am always trying to find exactly where my art and I belong but now have just been focusing on the journey instead of the end. I am obsessed with subjects provided by nature; animals and all things of the sort fascinate me. I want to show them from a different point of view, not one up in a tree stand but one from inside where antlers are growing from my head and I am running through the woods.”

Portfolio: davidslebodnick.com

Shop: etsy.com/shop/DavidSlebodnick

Illustration blog: slebodnickthegrandcanyon.tumblr.com

Instagram: instagram.com/daviddrawsdrawings


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David Slebodnick

David Slebodnick is an illustrator, fine artist, and animator residing in Ohio. Between meals his time is spent staring at a screen, paints, or a canvas, trying to fill time available with artistic progression. He has a handful of group shows under his belt from all around the world, but is still working on getting his name out and refining/discovering his style.

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  1. Michael Lane says

    I enjoyed the relaxation, the upwardness and the coping. Or is it that he just doesn’t notice? Lovely complex stuff! Thanks.

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